Department of Computer Technology

  • Department of Computer Technology


To established industry institute to make students ready for the industrial environment.

  • To provide exposure to students to the latest tools & technologies in the area of computer hardware & software.


    To achieve academic excellence in computer technology by imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities & cater to the ever changing industrial demand & society needs.


    The department of Computer Technology is established in the year 2010.

    We offer Computer Technology course based on MSBTE syllabus to provide the knowledge right from basics to advance level in both Hardware and Software.Our emphasis is more on problem solving through proper practical training at our institute. This keeps the students always updated regarding current developments in previous technologies and recent advancements. One of the main aims is to make our student's aware and develop real world's problem, solving skills to fulfill the ever changing demand of industry in this new era.Our department's faculty aims to prepare the students to carry out development work as well as take up challenges in projects.We are also trying to promote active industry-institute collaboration by identifying areas of interest and taking part in sponsored research projects and consultancy services.

    Computer & IT engineer is trained in software designing and hardware-software integration so they are always involved in many aspects of computing from design of microprocessor, personal computers and supercomputer to circuit design. Apart from the conventional methodologies of classroom teaching, students are expected to take up case studies, presentations and small projects. This prepares them for the industrial exposure and in addition to technical knowledge to acquire qualities like teamwork and communication skills, which is being instilled in them.

    Salient Features:-

    Sophisticated computer labs, well equipped with latest computers connected in WiFi and LAN.

    • Server with high specification.
    • More than 100 plus computers with latest specifications .
    • 24 Hours internet facility.
    • Labs are well equipped with latest printers and scanning devices.


    • H.O.D (I/C)


      Qualification: B.E, M.E(C.S.E)
      Designation :H.O.D (I/C)
      Teaching Experience:08 Years
      Industrial Experience:01 Years
      Email id:
      Total no. of Publications (Conference/Journals):04
    • Lecturer


      Qualification: B.Tech
      Designation :Lecturer
      Teaching Experience:5 Years
      Industrial Experience:00 Years
      Email id:
      Total no. of Publications (Conference/Journals):01

      The technical staff supports and enhances the learning experience for students.

      They are dedicated to ensuring the best education possible.

    • Lab Assistant

      Lab Assistant


      Qualification:B.A(Eng.Lit.), MCM
      Other Qualification:Iso:Certified Hardware & Networking
      Designation :Lab Assistant
      Lab Experience:06 Years
      Industrial Experience:02 Years
      Email id:

      The Non technical staff supports and enhances for helping likewise PR/TU/PPT Presentation Projector kit handling in Labs.

    • Lab Attendant


      Designation :Lab Attendant
      Lab Experience:02 Years

    The Department has following laboratories:---

    • Computer center
    • Network/Internet Lab
    • 1.Computer Technology
      Sr. No. Lab Name Lab I/C Name Equipment & Furniture Cost Total Cost
      1 Network /Internet Lab Prof.R.V.Adlok 6,16,460/- 6,16,460/-
      2 Computer Center Prof.S.W.Thakare 15,620,40/- 15,620,40/-
      2.List Of Major Equipment LAB Wise
      1.Network / Internet Lab  
      Sr. No. Particulars Quantity  
      1 Fan 6    
      2 Tube Light 4    
      3 Seating Staff Table 4    
      4 Rolling Chair 25    
      5 Staff Handle Chair 4    
      6 Cupboard(Small) 3    
      7 Cupboard(Large) 2    
      8 PC WhiteTable(Computer) 4    
      9 Wipro Computer System Old 1GBRAM,160 GB HDD(Fox-con Motherboard) 8    
      10 Wipro Computer System New IIGBRAM, 320 GB HDD(Gigabyte Motherboard) 16    
      11 White Board 1    
      12 Plastic Chair 2    
      13 Table Glass 5    
      14 Table Cover 5    
      15 24-Port Switch 1    
      16 16-Port Switch 1    
      17 Printer (Canon MF-3010) 1    
      18 Wireless Router 2    
      19 Wireless LAN Card, Net gear SHMBPS) 8    
      20 Windows Starter Pack   14    
      21 Switch(8-Port)   3    
      22 USB DVD ROM   3    
      23 Inject Printer 2    
      24 Other H/W Device HDD 250GB 1    
      Screw Driver 1    
      Blower 1    
      Crimping Machine 1    
      Lan Cable Tester 1    
      2.Computer Center (CC)
      Sr. No. Perticulars Quantity  
      1 Fan   8    
      2 Tube Light   4    
      3 Seating Staff Table   5    
      4 Rolling Chair   24    
      5 Staff Handle Chair   3    
      6 Cupboard(Small)   1    
      7 PC Blue Table(Computer)   15    
      8 Wipro Computer System Old 1GBRAM,160 GB HDD(Fox-con Motherboard) 21    
      9 Wipro Computer System New IIGBRAM, 320 GB HDD(Gigabyte Motherboard) 48    
      10 White Board   2    
      11 Plastic Chair   1    
      12 Table Glass   2    
      13 Table Cover   3    
      14 24-Port Switch   1    
      15 LAN Cable   1    
      16 Printer (HP-1007 Laser)   1    
      17 Wireless N-150 Router   1    
      18 Wireless LAN Card, Net gear SHMBPS)   35    
      19 Windows Starter Pack   10    
      20 Switch(8-Port)   1    
      21 Legal Application Software MS-Office2010 1    
          Visual Studio 6.0 2    
          Oracle 9i 2    
          Java 7.0 2    
      S.N Name of Particular System Distribution No. of PC Distributed Total PCS Cost Total Cost
      (LAB Wise & Department Wise) Status (01 PC)
      1 Wipro New Intel Pentium CPU 2.90 GHz Processor 2GB RAM 500 GB Hard Disk 32 bit OS N/W or Internet Lab 24 50 19,500/- 975000/-
      Computer Center Lab 9
      Library Dept. 8
      Mech. Dept (HOD) 1
      EXTC Dept(Staff) 2
      Office Thumb M/C (Mr.S.S.Ligayat) 1
      Civil Dept.(HOD) 1
      [ C.C Lab, N/W Lab, Office Dept, CE Dept] 4
      04 Motherboard Dead
      2 Wipro Old Intel Pentium CPU 1.86 GHz Processor 1 GB RAM 160 GB Hard Disk 32 bit OS Computer Center Lab 25 42 16500/- 693000/-
      Office Dept. 1
      Library 2
      First year Dept. 3
      Civil Dept.(Staff) 1
      EE Dept. (HOD) 1
      Mech. Dept (Staff) 2
      EXTC Dept.(HOD) 1
      [Office Dept:02,ME Dept, CC Lab:02, EE Dept] 6
      06 Motherboard Dead & 05 Monitor Dead
        Total 92 Pcs   1668000/-

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